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DSAY International Corporation is a full service consulting firm specializing in assisting businesses. Whether you need to design a business and marketing plan, prepare your accounting records, cash flow analysis, or just need a fresh pair of eyes for troubleshooting, DSAY International Corporation can prepare your company for the present and the future.

Most businesses don’t realize how much time and money they cost themselves and how those costs inhibit their growth and stability. We institute very latest methodologies and business systems to bring companies like yours to the next level of efficiency. When businesses have trouble resolving issues or financial questions we’re the trusted partner they call upon. Isn't time you had a Professional Advisor on your side?

Buy / Sell

We bring Buyers and Sellers to the Table.... Helping the small business owner accomplish their goals is our core mission. If the time is right to unlock the equity in your business, call us. We bring qualified buyers to the table.


If you are not actively seeking grants as a financing strategy then you are missing out. Avoid the scams and learn more about Legitimate grant opportunities for your business.

Business Credit

Having business credit diversifies your borrowing options and sometimes your liability. If you use your personal credit to finance your business and your business goes under, your personal credit will be affected. Don't let your Business life affect your personal life.


Financing could make the difference between a successful business and a business that struggles to survive. There are many financial options that you should consider for your business. We offer a range of products from Merchant services to equipment leasing.